Which currencies can I trade?

Basically, you can find brokers which offer all sorts of currencies for trading, even USD/KWD (US dollar vs. Kuwaiti dinar), USD/ILS (US dollar vs. Israeli shekel) or SEK/JPY (Swedish kronor / Japanese yen), but we do not reccomend starting your forex trading career with any of those "exotic" (or even "ludicrous"!) currency pairs. Such adventures will surely bring the probability of happy-end for you down to zero.

As a novice forex trader, you would be better off focusing your efforts on one or, at the most, two of the popular currency pairs, where you'll be sure that liquidity is huge and the price movements will be big enough to offer good opportunities for turning a profit. Be sure to trade it on a practice (demo) account and meticulously study its behavior before committing any earned-by-the-sweat-of-thy-brow money.

Here are some of the most traded currency pairs together with their symbols:

EUR - Euro
USD - US dollar
JPY - Japanese yen
CHF - Swiss franc (the Swissy)
GBP - British pound
CAD - Canadian dollar (the loonie)
AUD - Australian dollar (the aussie)
NZD - New Zealand dollar (the kiwi)

Currency symbols always are comprised of 3 letters: the first two letters indicate the name of the country while the third letter stands for the name of the currency.