How to stop a losing streak?

The easiest way is to JUST STOP IT! (Boy, aren't we good at giving great advice!) If you lose 2-3 times in a row, you should stop trading and force yourself to forget about forex for at least two days after that. After 2 or 3 consecutive losses the psychological reaction of the majority of retail forex traders is to continue trading and to 'get even' with the market. The 4-trillion-dollar-a-day forex market is definitely bigger than you, so don't try to take revenge. Do not trade when you're angry and your blood is boiling with frustration. The currency market will be there for you after two days when, with a sober mind, you will be able to analyze the reasons for your losses and to possibly open a new position. The forex market will still be there at your service - believe us. But your account... if you overtrade, it may get wiped out. So, tread lightly for a longer life on the forex market.