Market Makers - Dealers

Although many of them call themselves forex brokers that are not actually brokers. A forex broker is an intermediary. Dealers are not intermediaries; they are traders. You could say: "Traders? Like me? I am a trader." Well, not exactly like you. They are not like you because they operate from a far more advantageous position than you do. You signed their contract, you abide by their rules and you voluntarily gave your money to them, not vice versa. Since dealers do not not hedge their net exposure, if you are a successful trader (i.e. you win consistently), you can expect their typical tricks - spikes (prices jumping by 15-20 pips just in order to hit your stop), requotes (prices changing constantly thereby not allowing you to close a winning position) and others. Statistics is on their side, too. They hope that 95% of traders will lose their money in the forex market and that is what really happens. Of course, if you have a losing streak, you will notice that your orders get filled without any problems. If dealing with this kind of "brokers" does not appeal to you, withdraw your money and look for a real forex broker.