Clear chart, clear mind

Why do you think you need all these moving averages (MA), MACDs, RSIs, Fibonacci levels, Ichimoku, harakiri, etc.? In forex forums you must have come across forex traders who attach to their comments charts with lines of all colors running in all directions, amazingly complicated stuff that makes it difficult to see where the price line is. When newbies see such astonishing creations, they gasp and think "Wow! This guy must know forex! I will follow his comments." In fact, he may not have a better clue about the direction of currency pairs than a randomly chosen person on the street. Why don't you reset your charts so you can clearly see what is happening at the moment? The only line that shows what is happening now is the price line, ideally in the shape Japanese candlesticks strung together. As an addition, you might want to draw the closest support and resistance lines, trend lines and not more than a couple of indicators. Even that is too much.