Bullish continuation candlestick patterns

• Side-by-side white lines Side-by-side white lines A bullish candlestick gapping up above another bullish candlestick is then followed during the following session by another bullish stick of a similar size. The second and the third days have the same opening price. So that you're sure, wait for a confirmation of the new trend. • Mat hold
Mat hold
This Japanese candlestick pattern is known for being a strong continuation pattern. We’ve got a long bullish candlestick appearing during an uptrend, which is later followed by three small-size real bodies representing a very short downtrend. Then in the 5th trading session we’ve got another bullish move upwards which is characterized by a closing price which is a new high. • Rising 3 methods This is a continuation pattern constituting a correction or a consolidation pause during a trend. It does not indicate a reversal. The pattern is characterized by a long bullish candlestick followed by three small bodies in three consecutive days. The small bodies indicate that there is some resistance to the previous uptrend, and are a show of indecision or a short-term bearish sentiment.
Rising 3 methods
These 3 corrective candlesticks are usually bearish but the bodies stay within the range of the first session's bullish candlestick. The pattern is completed by a bullish candlestick on the 5th day, opening above the close of the previous day and closing at a new high. At the end of the pattern, the major trend resumes its upward move. Make sure you wait for a confirmation of the new trend.