Best Forex Books for Beginners

This book is by now world famous. The books encompasses most areas of trading – basics, charts, psychology, etc. It’s not exactly a forex book, but the principles in teaches are universal and it can help you in your forex trading. Soviet-born author and practicing psychiatrist Elder (director of Financial Trading Seminars, Inc.) shares his learning over the years as a professional trader and expert in technical analysis and his principle of understanding the three Ms (Mind, Method, Money), which will strengthen the discipline required to be successful in trading. He explores crucial factors in the markets that most experts overlook, including time, volume, and open interest, and describes little-known indicators to track them profitably.
The title says it all. If you think you’re a dummy, you should buy this forex book. It will help you understand currency quotes, how to use leverage, how to trade with fundamentals and to navigate technical analysis. Also included in the book are sections on how to choose a broker, some info on risk management and how to analyze forex charts.
A clearly written general trading book that makes generous use of practical examples and models. A good start for beginners.
A truly amusing and yet eye-opening book that teaches both the newbie and the experienced trader some hard won truths about the currency market. Highly recommended.
A fairly good forex book for newcomers into the market. The book will guide you through the basic process of opening your own account through the actual placing and managing of currency orders. Discusses specific trading strategies and tactics, and addresses the advantages and disadvantages of fundamental and technical analysis. Some psychology stuff thrown in for good measure, too.
An excellent trading book for beginners. It is focused on the stock market, not the forex market, but the ideas are similar. The author has a humorous style without detracting from the serious messages she conveys. Apart from all the basics, the book teaches precision entries and exits.